Sarah and the Crew.

Hi. I'm Sarah. I live in a tiny home with Blue Shutters, with my family.

The Crew:

Josh (sometimes called hubs/DH) and I have been married since May 10th of 2000. He works hard for his family. I stay at home and he brings home the money to purchase the bacon. We're not the perfect couple, but we're perfect for each other.

J (the teen) is 13 and our oldest child. He is a computer whiz like his father and stubborn and opinionated like his mother. He likes to play man of the house when dad is off at work but like any older sibling, he knows how to push the others buttons.

S (the boy) is 7 and our youngest son. He is the early bird in a family of night owls. He has a huge tank of energy and no matter what time he wakes up, at 9pm that tank is empty and needs to rest. S is the family clown, I think he came to us to remind us what being fun is all about.

R (the girl) is 5 and our youngest and only daughter. She is sweet, kind, loving, and a big ball of sass. She has to be with two older brothers. She babies her brothers like they are her own children and will set them straight if they cross the line.

A little bit about myself:

I'm the ring leader to this hairy bunch. Sure hubs has the final say, he is the man of the house, but we all know that any woman who is a stay at home wife/mother, she's the glue.

I am a Christian, which means I am a sinner, I'm not perfect. I'd still consider myself an infant Christian. I've know of God my whole life, but it was only since Jan. of 2013 that I decided that knowing of Him is not enough, I want to KNOW Him. Anything you read religious wise on this blog, you'll have to understand that it is what I've gathered and it isn't always what is right. I'm still wearing crib shoes on my walk with God.

I love history, personal history. I don't want to know just about what happened, I want to know why it happened, what was the person thinking when it happened, how it affected them. I love hearing about anything between 1900 and 1950.

About Blue Shutters-this momma's house:

What you'll see here is a plethora of things because I'm not a one topic person. I like to sew, I like to cook, I'm the only one who really cleans in this house, I like to be organized, I like to laugh, I like to create... memories, stories, arts & crafts.

So sometimes my posts will be thought provoking, sometimes they'll be belly jiggling hilarious, sometimes they may even make you cry, but they will always be honest and from the heart and reflect a tad bit more and more of who it is that I was, am, and am becoming.

I hope you'll enjoy your time here and come back for more.